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Wonders of Nature.flutterby

flutterbyWonders of  Nature: 
Trees, bees, fleas, mammals, marsupials, flowers, frogs,  whales, walruses, crabs, lobsters, fish, penquins, ants & spiders, narwhales, bunnies, plants, water, wind, bugs, birds and dirt, snow... Natural Wonders! 

    Annie and her husband, Safari Bob 
present fun filled interactive shows that include original music, great songs, and hopping dances for the whole family to enjoy. Their music is inspired by the wonders of Nature and that's why they call their band Annie & The Natural Wonder Band. They celebrated their 10th anniversary in 1997, and more than 500,000 (1/2  a million) people have gone on a musical safari with them. And as the NWB like to say, "safari, so goodie".


TheNWB is proud and thankful to have performed all over the world - from the mountain tops of Swizterland to the Caribbean coral reefs.  In the Big Apple, the NWB has played to roaring crowds at Avery Fischer Hall, in Central Park and Battery Park, made some art at the Metropolitan Musem.

On their many visits to the United Nations, the NWB  has had the delegates and their families dancing in their seats. 


And,"yes"............ Annie has sung the National Anthem at Shea Stadium 3 times!!!

The band regularly get the crowds roaring and "going wild" at the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) wildlife parks and aquarium. Annie and Safari Bob, wrote and recorded the WCS's centennial theme song. Click here and visit their site.

Also, if you're on safari in the Nutmeg State of Connecticut, say "hello" to their friends at the Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk, the Mystic MarinelifeAquarium and the Beardlsey Zoo.
    Annie and Safari Bob, hosted their own t.v. show "Annie's Place" for 3 years and they can be heard on radio if you listen very carefully. Also, check out their music videos, their 7 albums of original songs and music and 2 CD’s of PreSchool Greatest Hits, cool baseball caps & 100% Cotton Tee's Embossed with their famous colorful logo!!! .


 "The Swingin’ Saga of Safari Bob" has landed and it features songs about some SB’s favorite living things!! Elephants, Rattlesnakes, Flowers, Warlus, and features the Penguin Polka. It really rocks.